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Visit our updated Events page for upcoming events, forms and information!


If you are new to our Region, please call or contact our Regional Director for guidance and assistance. Region 2 covers the states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. A total of five states all together and sometimes neighboring states when requested.

The mission of Region 2 is to
 assist and help sustain and improve the quality and growth of Tang Soo Do
by assisting all certified WTSDA members, studios and clubs in its five state service area

 Each state may have many WTSDA certified studios and clubs, each studio and club may have many certified WTSDA members. Region 2 supports the entire region with training, guidance and growth. The region serves a similar purpose as studios and clubs - to assist and provide support to all WTSDA members within the region, ensuring that all WTSDA members partner with a certified WTSDA studio or club for continued growth. This is done by collectively drawing all studios, clubs and it's members together, many times during the year for WTSDA professional training.

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